Consistency Keep it   Did you ever stop to think that we really beat ourselves up a lot??  Really,  we do. Mostly we are hard on ourselves in our thoughts, and actions (or  lack of actions). We play these tapes over and over in our minds of what  we could have, should have or would have done differently in any given  situation. My question is why? Why do we do this?

I wonder if it comes from a place of comparison. Do we feel compelled to  compare ourselves with others?

I found a great Quote about consistency that I am going to share because I  think that this example could also help us change our thinking.

 When you look at people who are successful, you will find that  they aren’t the people who are motivated, but have consistency in their motivation.   Arsene Wenger

The key word here is motivation. Consistently motivated- I like that. To me, that is a goal to achieve and does not feel too hard.  Everyone has something that motivates them…

Is your motivation to earn money for the sake of just having money? Or more likely is it to provide a wonderful life for your family? Is your motivation to meal plan and be organized just to brag and say that you ‘have it all figured out’? No. It is to be ready. Maybe you have a busy week. Maybe you need to run one kid to soccer and the other to chess club all within the witching hour of dinner time. So logically you plan so you are not stressed.

I think one reason we are also hard on ourselves is because we assume what others are thinking. We assume they think that we ‘have it all figured out’ when we know that is not true, but we are fearful of what someone could be thinking. Why? Why do we have these thoughts? How can we change them?

Well I believe I found just the thing…

Clarity and consistency are not enough: the quest for truth requires humility and effort. Tariq Ramadan

Humility. Effort. Well guess what my friends there is someone who can help us with both of these things and I believe him to be the most humble person in the entire universe, and that is God’s son. Jesus humbly died for our freedom. Jesus was the one person who throughout the bible who was consistently showing effort. He literally never gave up, even when we was to die on the cross- He rose again! He NEVER gave up. He is the only person who was perfect but he was humble!

So I believe that changing our thoughts and actions to be more consistent is something we should ask Jesus to help us with! Only HE has that ability. And when we do, the clarity comes!!

If you are trying to stay on the bandwagon of meal planning, or exercising, or speaking more nicely to people when you are upset, Go to Jesus! For HE is the TRUTH and the life!


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How to Stay Consistent and Motivated
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