save money 2It’s a fact: we all need to eat. Millions of people go shopping every day. In order for a ‘quick trip’ to the grocery store to happen, you need a plan- a strategy! Much like a game, you hope to win by not spending too much money!  Below you will find some creative grocery shopping tips to get the most ‘bang for your buck’ that won’t stress you out.

Just like everything else, the cost of feeding your family is also on the rise. For some families, it is a fear that they would rather not face. Even if you have a large family, you can pare down your meal expenses. By eating out less often is one of the biggest, most healthy ways to save money and live better.

It goes without saying that you need to budget for your grocery bill each month. But, even if you have a budget of $300 you might want to trim some of that. Don’t worry. There are lots ways to eat more for less, here are just some.

Grocery Shopping Tips

1. Plan your trips – It will take time the first time, but once you get a system going, you won’t have to spend so much time on this phase. Create a comprehensive list of all that you will need. This means going through kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Use this as a master list. Type up these staples and put them under a category such as produce and dairy. Then leave lots of blanks for the items you will write in. Next, group your categories on the list. Start with the produce isle and work your way around the store in your mind. Write the categories in that order finishing with frozen. When you go through the store it will go much faster when you are not doubling back for items.

2. Look at the circulars – Compare sale prices on the items you use when the papers come out each week. Circle where you will buy each item from. Some think that it is not worth it to drive to several grocery stores but it depends on how you chart your trip and what amount you are saving. Also use your store discount card for additional savings on these items. To get the most benefit from a store deal, buy up to your maximum allowed by the store.

3. Clip coupons – It used to be that you could just clip a few coupons and then use them at the store. Today, it’s an art form. You can use newspaper coupons in combination with store savings card offerings. Also, don’t forget about online coupons. There are coupon services that offer manufacturer’s coupons that you can print and take to the store. Be careful though. Some stores are making it harder to use certain discount combinations after the airing of shows like “Extreme Couponing.” But, the effort is worth it if you need to cut costs.

4. Buy in bulk – Even regular grocery stores have bulk aisles where you can buy what you need in greater quantity. Anyone with a family over 4 can save lots of money this way. You don’t necessarily need to join a club, but just price shop!

5. Visit other shops – How about the dollar stores in your area? Some also sell food. It is a good place to buy dried spices, juices and dry ingredients. Pop in to a new store occasionally just to see what they have and of their prices compare to your regular store.

With a bit of creative thinking you can save even more money from your grocery shopping budget. I personally like to get organic foods and have found more and more stores carrying their own brand of organics. This too can save you money.

Take about half an hour each week (I do mine on the weekend) to just meal plan and make my list. Then I shop. When I get home I try to get all the veggies washed or prepped for the week ahead making it much easier when the time comes to cook. This has saved me so much time during the week that it is so worth doing! I enjoy the process now because it brings peace to my home and for me that is priceless!


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How to $ave Money at the Grocery Store