phenomenal womanPhenomenal Woman??

How often have you been told you are a phenomenal woman? (Probably not that many times, if I were to guess). I wonder what it would do for your spirit, your mood if you heard it more. I wonder if you would really believe it.

Well my friend I can tell you, God believes it. He believes it all the time. He knows because he created you! God made you a phenomenal creature. Are you perfect? No. but, are you wonderful? Absolutely!!

I want to share with you a video. This poem written by Maya Angelou is what my little company was founded on. It is the way God views you, as a phenomenal creature. The video link below is a simple look at what phenomenal looks like.

Well my friend, I want to share with you something else phenomenal. My little company is growing. It is growing and evolving just like our children do. Just because they change does not mean we don’t like them now, it means they are a little different. They are becoming more. Well my company is in the process of becoming more! (I wonder how it is even possible!) What I do know, is that God knows. When I don’t really know the answers, I have learned that I can rely on Him to show me the way, and boy has he ever!

PheMOMenal Life and The Mom Transformation are undergoing some changes… We are evolving and transforming into something so exciting so wonderful, I can’t even fully describe it. Just like we know our children will go into the next stage, we have faith God will protect them there, I do the same as this little company grows.  The Mom Transformation website will be getting a makeover. A big one. J It is to better suit the needs of the community. The PheMOMenal Life Events page will also be changing but only a tiny bit.  They will both better serve the needs of the people who use it, YOU.

Going forward I personally will be blogging,  writing, sharing, speaking and helping service women just the same only under a different name.  (That cat is not coming out of the bag just yet), but PheMOMenal Life will remain as the mission is to help women balance their lives in 5 ways. This exciting change is allowing me the opportunity to stay true to my passions and focus on women’s needs with much more ease. I will be transforming into more of a health coach role helping parents with health and home related issues rather than five areas. (PheMOMenal Life will continue to focus on the 5 areas of health).  So you will have to stay tuned to my exciting news and of grand re-opening as………………… (Here kitty, kitty?? Nope not yet)

I hope that you will be as excited as I am about this new name. It will truly speak to who I am, who I serve and how I serve you, mamas!

Now, by next mission… I’m off to go hunt for a kitty- or at least stuff for the kitty.   :)

Phenomenal Woman, That’s Me!