Rock Bottom Is A Beautiful Place: Testimonies of Triumph

rock bottom is a beautiful place

Paula Tobey is one of the many authors whose own story is featured in this book!

28 stories… Victory over tragedy… Life after near death…

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Diane Cunningham found herself at the bottom of a hopeless pit, familiar with the rocks and boulders that surrounded her… addiction, insecurities, fears and loss. It was when she looked up from the bottom that she found the God who heals, saves and loves. 

As she began telling about her rock bottom experience, she encountered more and more women who had also suffered rock bottom experiences. The concept of Rock Bottom Is A Beautiful Place was born. 

These are the stories of twenty-eight women from all walks of life. Their stories illustrate the humanity that is common to us all. They share stories of abandonment, loss, addiction, incest, rape and so much more. These were not easy stories to write, nor are they easy stories to read. 

However, it is the prayer of all involved in this book that you will be inspired by the real women who have shared their true-life stories. We want to show that there is victory at Rock Bottom, and that you will be drawn closer to the God who loves passionately, saves recklessly and heals unconditionally. 

We each have found that God’s light shines brightest when it shines through the darkest nights of our souls. 

Come join us on the journey. We are waiting to embrace you!

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See what others are saying about this amazing book:

“Rock bottom is a different place for every woman, her pain is unique. What is universal about rock bottom is that it is the place where we stop, turn and look up. It is in the turning that transformation and healing begin. The heartfelt stories shared by these women will help you to recognize rock bottom and inspire you to make that turn. Each revelation will bless you with a sense of hope and community. A beautiful collection.” – Heidi E Kleine


“My heart was encouraged and given hope by reading so many wonderful stories of strength and grace. Each persons Rock Bottom experience is different than the next -and that is what’s so inspiring. Their journey’s are all different but yet the same. As I read each one,It was a roller coaster of emotions- sadness, love, joy and redemption and a reminder to me that God works everything together for our good!” – Benita Manning-Ibrahim


“As women, we wear so many hats. There are so many demands of us, that we often find ourselves taking care of everyone else with the exception of self. We often feel that we are the only ones or that no one else understands. After reading the amazing stories of these women and how they overcame to become overcomers, I am moved and inspired. I now know that Rock Bottom doesn’t mean the end, but rather a stronger foundation with which to leap into all the good that the future holds for me. I am so grateful to have discovered that Rock Bottom is indeed a beautiful place.” – Shirley Williams


“If you have ever fought an emotional or physical life battle you thought you may not survive, or even had as much as a series of bad days that left you discouraged and depleted, look no further! In this book you will find encouragement and hope to let you know that you are not alone in whatever it is you are going through or trying to get past. Let the women of Rock Bottom come alongside you and share their struggles and victories with you. The Bible tells us in John 16:33 that life will bring many trials – this book highlights both the challenges we may encounter and how we can overcome and stand victoriously with Christ by our side.” – S. Brandt

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