Coach Paula is available for speaking opportunities.

Topics range from:

  • Parenting and Special Needs
  • Healthy Eating/Meal Planning
  • Essential Oils for Health 101
  • Balancing Motherhood
  • A PheMOMenal Life!
  • Flourishing Fiercely is PheMOMenal

Turn Rebellion into Cooperation “Like Yesterday”

In this interactive and humorous talk, Parent Coach Paula takes  you through the ABC’s of Parenting like a Pro. She teaches on the core concepts of bringing about cooperation even from the biggest temper tantrum thrower. She leads through scenarios that are real, as example from which to learn how to deal with children who explode behaviorally.  You will get techniques to practice and handouts include tips and ideas and other resources.

“Stop the Insanity” with Routine Cards

In this hands on talk, Coach Paula will introduce you to the routine card system that works for the most forgetful child, to those with attention spans of a gnat, to older children that need to learn responsibility and accountability. You will create a routine that works for you and your family leaving you wondering why you had not done this easy system years ago!

From Chicken Nuggets to Grilled Chicken Salad

In this talk, Coach Paula will discuss the importance of a revolution to our approach to food and how it directly affects our lives as parents for the better! Taking biblical principles of nutrition and natural properties of things like essential oils you will embark on a journey of discovery into food and how it affects the body, this talk will leave you refreshed, armed with baby steps to apply today that will leave you ready to embrace a new healthy lifestyle that you and your family will be proud of.

Balancing Motherhood and a Life of Your Own

In this interactive talk, Coach Paula engages the audience telling stories of mishap, silly scenarios and REAL life as a Mompreneuer,  volunteer and wife.  Discuss ways to find joy and happiness amongst the chaos of life with group members and share ideas together of how to make it through mommy hood without pulling your hair out. Leave with an action plan of what you can do to have the life you have always wanted!

PheMOMenal Women  Flourish Fiercely

Taking the life lessons of Maya Angelou from her poem Phenomenal Woman Paula takes you on a journey of discovery to Be PheMOMenal. God created women to be unique and very special creatures, and in this talk you can discover what makes YOU a PheMOMenal woman of God. Using the 5 core concepts of healthy living, you will embark on a journey like none other.  Go ahead, Flourish Fiercely, Be PheMOMenal!!

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